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SCV Reef Service can provide you with weekly, bi-weekly or monthly Aquarium

Our quality maintenance service routine includes; tank walls cleaning, filter
cleaning and re-packing, addiing water, testing water quality, equipment
inspections, lighting inspections, livestock inspections, adding of additives if
neccessary, water changes if neccessary and algae treatments if neccessary.

Here is a breakdown of our rates and fees. When we arrive on site, we can discuss what exactly needs to be done to the aquarium that will be most beneficial to the tanks particular needs. Our rates also do not fluctuate each time we visit, whether we are on location for 45 minutes, or two hours- what we discuss before the work is what you pay. We don’t play games with customers, you will be well aware of every step we take to make sure your system is well cared for, and we do this with your budget in mind. We also bring livestock, food, tools, dry goods etc. to your location upon request. Rates & Fees
•10 – 100 gallons: $60.00 – $80.00
•110 – 300 gallons: $80.00 – $180.00
•300 gallons and up: $180.00 – $260.00
We also offer special discounts for multiple tanks and bi-weekly or weekly visits. These prices are for saltwater aquariums, freshwater setups may be cheaper. Saltwater is included and pre-mixed for your setup.

We will discuss what you will pay exactly when we arrive on site and make an estimate. Keep in mind that two workers will always be on site for the service, this is just one of the precautionary tactics we use to ensure the job is done correctly, timely and most importantly, safely

Saltwater is pre mixed with your choice of Slatwater Mix. Tropic Marine Pro Reef price is slightly higher.
Water is RO/DI at 0 TDS.