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For the past few years I been in the IT field and unable to help providing great deals on Salt Water Fish and Corals in the SCV Valley. Last year after using bio pellets for 2 years a clog in reactor crash the tank and many of the  beautiful SPS corals that are in many of the pictures in this site are now gone. I have moved on to leds lighting and LPS and back to GFO for phospahte removal.

I am kept the site up for DEMO only.

As a former Pet Store owner and long time reef hobbyist, SCV  Reef was built to help provide a void in quality corals in the area , help beginners succeed in this hobby and preserve ocean reefs.

Hobbyist can join the SCVREEF forum to share information which can help lead to a successful saltwater aquarium.

Thank You for visiting SCV Reef

Robert Vogel